Hardwood Flooring Experts in Birmingham and the Midlands

Don’t Move Improve

There are many ways to improve any home like redecorating, re-model and update fixtures and fittings. Floor coverings can change the whole appearance and feel of any home and having a real wood floor makes a vast difference.

It well adheres within the housing market that a real wood floor increases the value of your home more than any other flooring surface because of its natural beauty.

All the leading house valuation websites have a series of questions to help determine the valuation of your and the one and only question regard floor coverings ask ‘is their wood floor fitted’.

Another option is to enhance/refurbish your existing wood floorboards (dependant on the age of house and condition) which can open up many options; you can choose whether to dye/stain, oil or lacquer the wood without the cost of installing a new wood floor.

“Home is a place where a person lives, spends much of their time, or feels generally comfortable with, a home is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade, with things and people you love becoming the focus, home is central to one’s life, primarily emotional, and partially physical. It is an environment offering affection and security”