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Bathroom Wood Flooring

Through the years the question if real wood flooring could be used in wet areas like bathrooms, the professional answer has been a resolute no due to the nature of real wood.

Maples & Birch in partnership with Design Parquet offers you Navylam+ which is a unique wood floor parquet system for use in wet rooms and bathrooms which is easy and fast to install.

Each strip is pre-oiled with a double integrated rubber which aids slips resistance and moisture ingress. Available in six rich exotic species; Acacia, Doussie, Iroko, Mutenye, Teak and Wenge to guarantee a unique look for your bathroom.

No sanding, oiling and joint laying. You just apply some glue in the integrated groove joints in each strip so your parquet floor is finished and completely watertight

Description of the Product

Thickness: 9mm
Width: 68mm
Length: 400mm to 1200mm

Finishing: The product is already pre-oiled with a double integrated joint in polymer. To have 100% water tightness, you must use transparent glue Navycol+; when laying the parquet. Without using this glue we cannot guarantee the waterproofness of this product.

Buy Bathroom Wood Flooring Online

If you are looking to buy Navylam+ bathroom flooring for supply only you can use our partner website Maples & Birch.co.uk. They offer top quality wood flooring at amazing prices. Visit maplesandbirch.co.uk or use the links below.